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Academic Studies Press is an independent scholarly publisher devoted to advancing knowledge and understanding in the humanities and social sciences, with an emphasis on Jewish Studies and Slavic Studies. Through our outstanding, opinion-leading authors and series editors, we continuously strive to enhance understanding through our monographs and critical companions, improve the accessibility of classic works through our translations, and inspire dialogue through our  scholarly commentaries. We champion innovative ideas and new, creative interpretations.

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“What distinguishes ASP from other presses is its openness for innovative approaches to scholarship and a readiness to explore subjects that other academic presses might find too 'esoteric' and 'unpopular'. At the same time, for a peer-review press, it works with incredible efficiency. The process of the book publication from the submission of a manuscript to the final product appears to be two or even three times shorter than in the university presses."

—Mark Lipovetsky, University of Colorado, Boulder,
“Cultural Syllabus” Series Editor

Academic Studies Press's Open Access initiative helps break down access barriers and increase distribution. 



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