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Commemorating the 81st Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising: Roman Dziarski on the Relevance of the Holocaust Today

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising started on April 19th, 1943. For 27 days, a few hundred young Jewish men and women, poorly armed with a few pistols and homemade grenades, fought…

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Academic Studies Press teams up with Glassboxx

Big news: Academic Studies Press eBooks can now be purchased directly through our website! ASP is pleased to be teaming up with Glassboxx, a direct digital fulfilment platform designed to…

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Academic Studies Press to host “Pushkin after 1831: Dedicated to the 190th Anniversary of ‘The Bronze Horseman'”

Academic Studies Press is pleased to host “Pushkin after 1831,” an international online conference commemorating the 190th anniversary of The Bronze Horseman. Gathering together the most prominent specialists on Pushkin from both sides of the Atlantic, this four-day conference encompasses an extensive array of topics that will engage attendees within the global Slavic Studies community.

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“Working for the Enemy” and “Blackmail”: Excerpt from Roman Dziarski’s “How We Outwitted and Survived the Nazis” with an Introduction by the Author

We are pleased to present here an excerpt from Roman Dziarski’s How We Outwitted and Survived the Nazis: The True Story of the Holocaust Rescuers, Zofia Sterner and Her Family, accompanied by a personal introduction from the author. The book tells the story how his family  rescued Jews from the Holocaust and survived WWII, against the backdrop of the realities of the Nazi and Soviet occupation of Poland.

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Ukrainian Studies Spotlight in honor of Ukrainian Independence Day 2023

This Ukrainian Independence Day, we’re pleased to present a reading list of several of our Ukrainian Studies titles. From a harrowing novel from Pulitzer Prize-winning international war correspondent Mstyslav Chernov to the first English-language synthesis of the history of one of Ukraine’s most fascinating cities, these titles, among others, capture the ongoing struggle in Ukraine, examine Ukrainian history, and celebrate its rich and diverse culture. In honor of 32 years of independence, all Ukrainian Studies titles, including those below, are 32% off with the code UKRAINE.

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“The First Christmas”: An Excerpt from 18: JEWISH STORIES TRANSLATED FROM 18 LANGUAGES

This excerpt from 18: Jewish Stories Translated from 18 Languages explores the psychological impact of the Holocaust on a survivor and his family after the war, when the narrator is confronted by his two sons, who want to buy a Christmas tree. This short story is by Gábor T. Szántó and translated from Hungarian by Walter Burgess and Marietta Morry.

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