Modern Biographies (Series)

Series Editors: 
Angela Brintlinger (Ohio State University, US)
Ludmilla Trigos (Independent Scholar)

Editorial Board: Sara Dickinson (University of Genoa, Italy), Polly Jones (Oxford University, UK), Steve Norris (Miami University, US), Ludmilla Trigos (Independent Scholar, US), Carol Ueland (Drew University, US)

One of the best ways into a culture is through the lives of those who created that culture, and Russian culture is no exception. This new series, Modern Biographies, will be an entry point for English-speaking readers to begin to understand the people and processes which have formed Russia as we know it. Russia has always been rich in fascinating figures and in its own biographical tradition. This series aims to bring those lives to an American audience and to English-speakers across the world.

The carefully selected authors of Modern Biographies are all practicing “Russianists”: eminent writers and scholars who have dedicated their careers to investigating and presenting Russia in numerous monographs and scholarly articles, in classrooms, and in public lectures. For readers, this guarantees that these books are illuminating and engaging as well as authoritative and thought-provoking. Compact and clearly written, the volumes are appropriate for specialists and the general public alike and feature a minimal scholarly apparatus, with a list of works cited and suggestions for further reading following the main text.

Information for authors:

Academic Studies Press will vet potential authors and manuscripts, and you can be assured that as an author of this series, you will be in the company of some of the best writers and scholars in the field. At the same time, the broader scope of our audience and our marketing and distribution plans will facilitate these books landing in public libraries, on general education syllabi, and in the hands of the reading public across the English-speaking world.

We seek manuscripts of approximately 60,000 words about Russian cultural figures from the 18th century to the present from literature, dance, music, art, film, politics, and philosophy. The writing should be clear, lively, and accessible. Each volume will introduce an important figure or deepen knowledge about already well-known cultural actors. Depending on perceived interest of the biographical subject, Academic Studies Press can offer an advance and significant royalties.