Academic Studies Press teams up with Glassboxx

Big news: Academic Studies Press eBooks can now be purchased directly through our website! ASP is pleased to be teaming up with Glassboxx, a direct digital fulfilment platform designed to transform how you access and engage with our extensive academic publications and scholarly works.

After purchasing a digital title in either the ePub or Web PDF format from the book’s page on our site, you can access it on Glassboxx-powered Reader Apps, available across iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS, not to mention browsers. So, regardless of your device, our publications will be readily available. We understand the importance of flexibility, especially for academics working in restrictive IP environments or behind an institution’s firewall – and this ensures you can enjoy our academic titles anytime, anywhere.

All books purchased and read on Glassboxx are secure, housed in your eLibrary, and protected with two-factor authentication – no passwords required! The Glassboxx App offers an intuitive reading experience with enhanced features such as highlighting and annotation, and downloaded titles are accessible offline so that your research and reading can continue uninterrupted.

In the ever-evolving landscape of academic publishing, we recognize the importance of staying ahead, not only in the content we deliver but also in how we deliver it to you. Using Glassboxx means you can enjoy digital titles wherever you are in the world, and aligns with our values of accessibility and shared understanding.

Have questions about accessing your eBooks? Check out the FAQ below, and Happy Reading!

Glassbox FAQs

I just bought a book. What do I do now?

If you don’t already have the Glassboxx app, go to the iOS App Store or Google Play Store to download the Glassboxx app onto your device. Enter your email address (no password is required) and tap LOGIN. (You will then be sent a verification code to your email address.) Enter the verification code sent to your email and tap VERIFY ME. Your eBooks and/or audiobooks will be displayed on the MY BOOKS screen.

If you already have the Glassboxx app, just open it on your smartphone and/or tablet, and your newly purchased eBooks and/or audiobooks will be displayed, together with any previous purchases you’ve made, on the MY BOOKS screen. Just tap on the cover image to start listening to or reading your new book.

I’ve got a new phone or tablet. How do I transfer my books to it?

Just download the Glassboxx app from the app store onto your new phone or tablet, log in with the email address used when you bought your books, and you’ll find them in MY BOOKS.

Can I give or share my book with somebody else?

No, Glassboxx books cannot be copied, shared or printed. This is to protect the rights of the authors and publishers of the books.

Can I print or copy my book?

No, the books using this service are copy protected, so cannot be copied, printed or sent to someone else.

How do I highlight text in my eBook?

To highlight text, tap and hold the text to be highlighted, and tap HIGHLIGHT on the pop-up that appears near the text. This will highlight the selected text in yellow. Then by double-tapping the highlighted text, you can select an alternate color to be used for the highlighting.

How do I add an annotation to my eBook?

To add an annotation, tap and hold the text where you would like to add the annotation, and tap NOTES on the pop-up that appears near the selected text. Then on the Note pop-up, tap below the selected text, enter your annotation, and tap Save. The Note pop-up will close, and you will see the selected text highlighted in grey. If you tap the grey highlighted text, followed by the Note icon, the Note pop-up will be displayed with your annotations.

How do I change the appearance of the eBook I’m reading?

When reading an eBook, click the Settings cog wheel in the top right hand corner of the ereader screen. This displays the menu where you can change the font size, font face and colour options to suit your preferences. You can also change to use either scroll mode or paginated mode, and change alignment, page mode, word spacing, line spacing, page margins and line height. After making your required changes, click in the body of the eBook to close the Settings menu.

Please note fixed layout eBooks do not allow changes to appearance settings.

My device is using an older operating system. Will that be a problem?

Once the operating system (Android or iOS) nears end of life (this is usually 3 years from OS release date), manufacturers stop releasing device and operating system updates, and that might mean our app may not work as expected on your device.

If you experience an 009 error code when downloading a book, this is likely because you are using an older operating system. To resolve this please update your device to the latest version of the operating system. If the problem persists after you have upgraded, then please contact us on

I haven’t got much space on my phone/tablet, how do I delete books I’ve already downloaded?

Tap the More menu, and then go to MY DOWNLOADS for the manage downloads screen. Here you can select individual books, or every book you’ve downloaded, and tap REMOVE DOWNLOADS to delete them and free up space on your device.

I’ve been sent a token to get a free book. How do I get my book?

To get your book, go to and enter your digital token/voucher code. This will create a Glassboxx account with the book in it. Install the app on your device using the link on the confirmation page, and log in to the app with your email address – your free book will be ready and waiting for you. If you already have the Glassboxx app, just go to the MY BOOKS screen, refresh the page, and your new book will appear.

How do I access my books offline?

To read or listen to books offline you will first need to make sure the book is fully downloaded. As long as you are able to open the app, you will then be able to open the downloaded book in it.

I get a ‘Sorry, an error has occurred’ message. What should I do?

If you get a message saying ‘Sorry, an error has occurred’, we always advise that as a first step you should uninstall the Glassboxx app, restart your device (this is important to make sure that any cached files are deleted) and then reinstall Glassboxx app and log back in. This will resolve most problems. If an issue persists, please contact

I’m having trouble logging in to the app. What should I do?

If you’re having problems logging in to the app, for example, you see the message ‘Email address not recognized’) make sure the email address you’re entering on the login screen is the email address used when making your purchase from the website. This may be different to the one you are using for your app store account.

Once you’ve entered the correct email address, Glassboxx sends an email with a verification code to your email address. Copy/paste the verification code from the email into the verification screen in the app and tap VERIFY ME. You’ll then be taken to the MY BOOKS screen.

The email from Glassboxx has the subject ‘Your Glassboxx verification code’. You might need to check your Spam folder to see the verification email.

After following the steps above, if you continue to see the message ‘Email address not recognized’, please contact us on

Download the Glassboxx app:

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Learn more about eBook purchases on ASP’s site here.