Ukrainian-Language Open Access Series

Ukrainian academia is currently working in a state of war, occupation, and displacement. Facing multiple challenges and threats, Ukrainian scholars continue to teach, research, document, and comprehend their experiences. To support the undeterred resistance of the Ukrainian people and to express our support for Ukrainian scholars, Academic Studies Press is pleased to launch the Ukrainian-Language Open Access Series.

Projects are coordinated with professionals and scholars based in Ukraine, who select the most topical academic works, and prepare rigorously peer-reviewed, professionally copyedited, and indexed Ukrainian translations. Additional support is provided by ASP’s core publications team. Crucially, all translations will be made available digitally for free as open access publications.

As Ukrainian scholars and students are increasingly deprived of access to libraries and educational institutions, we believe the Ukrainian-Language Open Access Series will have a high impact.

To offer professional or financial support for the Ukrainian-Language Open Access Series, please contact us.

Main Contact

Mariia Shuvalova
Acquisitions Editor, Ukrainian-Language Publications

Current Publications

Russia's Imperial Endeavor and Its Geopolitical Consequences

Bálint Madlovics, Bálint Magyar

The Ukrainian Intelligentsia and Genocide

Victoria Malko

Women and War

Aurélie Bros, Oleksandra Matviichuk, Emily Channell-Justice

Ukraine’s Patronal Democracy and the Russian Invasion

Bálint Magyar, Bálint Madlovics

A Concise Field Guide to Post-Communist Regimes

Bálint Magyar, Bálint Madlovics

How ISIS Fights

Omar Ashour

Forthcoming Projects

  • Everyday Religiosity and the Politics of Belonging in Ukraine by Catherine Wanner
  • Ukrainian Intelligentsia in Post-Soviet L’viv. Narratives, Identity, and Power by Eleonora Narvselius
  • Lesia Ukrainka: The Female Artist as an Icon of National Modernization edited by Olexandr Pronkevych, Olha Poliukhovych, Roman Veretelnyk
  • New Contributions to the History of Ukrainian Language by Michael Moser
  • The Moral Witness: Trials and Testimony after Genocide by Dean Caroline
  • Stalinist Perpetrators on Trial: Scenes from the Great Terror in Soviet Ukraine by Viola Lynne
  • Embracing Uncertainty. Future Jazz, That 13th Century Buddhist Monk, and the Invention of Cultures by John W. Traphagan
  • Narkomania. Drugs, HIV, and Citizenship in Ukraine by Jannifer Carroll
  • The Ukrainian Intelligentsia and Genocide: The Struggle for History, Language, and Culture in the 1920s and 1930s by Malko Viktoria
  • A Concise Field Guide to Post-Communist Regimes. Actors, Institutions, and Dynamics by Bálint Magyar and Bálint Madlovics
  • Ghosts of Home. The Afterlife of Czernowitz in Jewish Memory by Marianne Hirsch and Leo Spitzer
  • From Ruins to Reconstruction. Urban Identity in Soviet Sevastopol after World War II by Karl Qualls
  • Wars in the Baltic States. Russia’s Long Shadow by Indra Ekmanis, Janis Chakars
  • Woman and War. Letters to the Free World by Aureli Bros
  • Ukraine’s Patronal Democracy and the Russian Invasion. The Russia-Ukraine War, Volume One by Bálint Magyar and Bálint Madlovics
  • Russia’s Imperial Endeavor and Its Geopolitical Consequences. The Russia-Ukraine War, Volume Two by Bálint Magyar and Bálint Madlovics
  • Blood of Others. Stalin’s Crimean Atrocity and the Poetics of Solidarity by Rory Finnin

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