New York Elegies: Ukrainian Poems on the City

New York Elegies: Ukrainian Poems on the City

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Edited by Ostap Kin

Series: Ukrainian Studies
ISBN: 9781618115942 (hardcover) / 9781618118912 (paper)
Pages: 330 pp.; 12 illus. (color)
Publication Date: February 2019

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New York Elegies attempts to demonstrate how descriptions and evocations of New York City are connected to various stylistic modes and topical questions urgent to Ukrainian poetry throughout its development. The collection thus gives readers the opportunity to view New York through various poetic and stylistic lenses. Ukrainian poets connected themselves to a powerful myth of New York, the myth of urban modernity and problematic vitality. The city of exiles and outsiders sees itself reflected in the mirror that newcomers and exiles created. By adding new voices and layers to this amalgam, it is possible to observe the expanded picture of this worldly poetic city.

Ostap Kin is an archivist and literary researcher. He co-translated The Maidan After Hours (2017), a chapbook by Vasyl Lozynsky and Songs for a Dead Rooster (forthcoming with Lost Horse Press), a collection of poems by Yuri Andrukhovych.

New York Elegies offers an astonishing richness of poems born out of the encounter between the city and several outstanding Ukrainian poets. It also provides a historical context for their voices and locates them in the Ukrainian literary tradition. An excellent book for poetry lovers, New York aficionados and academic scholars.
— Irena Grudzińska-Gross, Princeton University
Ukrainians are coming! Ukrainians are coming! Actually they have been here all along. What good luck to have this comprehensive, all-embracing anthology, ranging from 20th century classics of Ukrainian poetry to our own contemporaries.
The incredible gift of this book is the chance to see ourselves through the eyes of poets of a different tradition. We have often been changed by observing how artists from other traditions see us. Here, too, one thinks of Lorka’s Poet in New York as one reads: ‘like blood / coming / out of vein / the car / tumbles along / the concrete.’
Here is the New York City we know nothing about—and yet it tells us so much about ourselves in ‘the canyons of the city,’ where ‘the brownstones / breathe fish and garlic / on each other.’
As a reader, I am especially grateful to Ostap Kin for his superior introduction and excellent selections of poems herein. It is the book that offers us many discoveries.
— Ilya Kaminsky, author of Deaf Republic and Dancing in Odessa
While participating in the artistic imagining of NYC, the Ukrainian voices gathered here themselves originate from a place that has been imagined as wild, mystical and political. The New York of these poems is a space of meditation on identity, solitude and history. One might predict the overreaching influence of Whitman and Mayakovsky, but would be enriched by discovering the presence of James Baldwin and the voices of Harlem Renaissance.
— Valzhyna Mort, poet, author of Factory of Tears and Collected Body

Table of Contents

“INTRODUCTION: Mapping the Poetry of Ukrainian New York”


Part I: 1920s-1930s

Mykhail Semenko
    Каблепоема №2
    Cablepoem, No. 2 (Tran. by Ostap Kin and Marlow Davis)
    Каблепоема №6
    Cablepoem, No. 6 (Tran. by Ostap Kin and Marlow Davis)
    System (Tran. Ostap Kin and Marlow Davis)
    The Rest (Tran. Ostap Kin and Ali Kinsella)

Oleksa Slisarenko
    Уот Уітмен
    Walt Whitman (Tran. Ostap Kin and Ali Kinsella)

Mykola Tarnovsky
    Subway (Tran. Abbey Fenbert)
    На П’ятій Авеню
    On Fifth Avenue (Tran. Abbey Fenbert)
    У місті, де жив Уот Уітмен
    In The City Where Walt Whitman Lived (Tran. Abbey Fenbert)

    Times Square
    Times Square (Tran. Abbey Fenbert)

M. Pilny
    Вже досить
    Enough Already (Tran. Abbey Fenbert)

V. Rudeychuk
    Ню Йорк
    New York (Tran. by Abbey Fenbert)

Ivan Kulyk
    Чорна епопея (уривок)
    From the Black Epos (Tran. Alexander Motyl)

Part II: 1940s-1980s

Andriy Malyshko
    Маяковський в Америці
    Mayakovsky in America (Tran. Alexander Motyl)

Yevhen Malanyuk
    Ані вершин, ані низин…
    Untitled (Tran. Alexander Motyl)
    Ньюйоркські стенограми
    New York Shorthand (Tran. Alexander Motyl)
    Ні, не пустеля і намет…
    [No, neither desert, nor tent…] (Tran. Alexander Motyl)
    Thoughts (Tran. Alexander Motyl)
    Days (Tran. Alexander Motyl)
    Одного дня
    One Day (Tran. Alexander Motyl)

Vadym Lesych
    Нью-Йоркські строфи
    New York Verses (Tran. Olga Gerasymiv with Oleksandr Fraze-Frazenko)
       ніч (І)       
       інтермеццо (ІІ)
       день (ІІІ)
    Harlem (Tran. Olga Gerasymiv)
    Люди осілі
    The Settled People (Tran. Olga Gerasymiv)
    Ніч на Іст-Бронксі
    A Night in East Bronx (Tran. Olga Gerasymiv)

Yuri Kosach
    Мангаттен, 103-тя вулиця
    Manhattan, 103rd Street (Tran. Ali Kinsella)
    Нью-Йоркська елегія
    New York Elegy (Tran. Ali Kinsella)
    Broadway (Tran. Ali Kinsella)
    Авеню діамантів
    Diamond District (Tran. Ali Kinsella)
    З пісень Гарлему
    From the Song of Harlem (Tran. Ali Kinsella)
    Балада про Золотий Бродвей
    Ballad of Golden Broadway (Tran. Ali Kinsella)

Yuriy Tarnawsky

    Ода до кафе
    Ode to a Café (Trans. by the author)
    Sundays (Trans. by the author)
    Любовний вірш
    Love Poem (Trans. by the author)
    Приїзд ІV
    Arrival IV (Trans. by the author)
    Кінець світу
    End of the World (Trans. by the author)
    Dddeath (Trans. by the author)

Bohdan Rubchak
    Homeless (Tran. Olga Gerasymiv)

Bohdan Boychuk
    Негр сидить посередині дороги і б’є у барабан
    A Negro Sits in the Middle of the Road and Beats a Drum (Tran. Anand Dibble)
    Вірші про місто
    City Verses (Tran. Anand Dibble)
    Любов у трьох часах (уривки)
    From Three Dimentional Love
    Three (Tran. Mark Rudman and the Author)
    Eleven (Tran. Mark Rudman and the Author)
    Ланчонетний триптих
    Luncheonette Triptych (Tran. Anand Dibble)
    Нью-Йоркська елегія
    New York Elegy (Tran. Anand Dibble)

Leonid Lyman

    Осінь у Бронкспарку
    Autumn in a Bronx Park (Tran. Ostap Kin and Ali Kinsella)

    Вечірній Бродвей
    Broadway in the Evening (Tran. Ostap Kin and Ali Kinsella)
    Нью-йоркська ніч
    New York Night (Tran. Ostap Kin and Ali Kinsella)

Dmytro Pavlychko
    Повітря Нью-Йорка
    New York’s Air (Tran. Alexander Motyl)

Ivan Drach
    Вічний блюз
    Eternal Blues (Tran. Ostap Kin and Ali Kinsella)
    Двоє ввечері пішки
    Two Walk in the Evening (Tran. Ostap Kin and Ali Kinsella)
    Нью-Йорк в стилі кубізму
    New York in the Cubist Style (Tran. Ostap Kin and Ali Kinsella)
    Дмитрові Павличку (уривок)
    From For Dmytro Pavlychko (Tran. Ostap Kin and Ali Kinsella)

Lida Palij
    Спекотливий день в Ню-Йорку
    A Hot Day in New York (Tran. Ostap Kin and Ali Kinsella)

Borys Oliynyk
    Від білої хати до Білого дому...
    2. Горить Нью-Йорк
    4. Прометей приручений
    5. Та від Білої хати...
From the White Home to the White House (Tran. Ali Kinsella)
    1. Getting Acquainted
    2. New York Burns
    4. Prometheus Doomed
    5. From the White House

Part III: 1991-2016

Abram Katsnelson
    Wall Street (Tran. Ostap Kin and Ali Kinsella)
    На Бродвеї
    On Broadway (Tran. Ostap Kin and Ali Kinsella)

Yuri Andrukhovych
    Bombing New York City
    Bombing New York City (Tran. Sarah Luczaj)

Oksana Zabuzhko
    New York, NY
    New York, NY (Tran. Ostap Kin and Ali Kinsella)

Serhiy Zhadan
    Нью-Йорк – факін сіті
    New York Fuckin’ City (Tran. Virlana Tkacz and Wanda Phills)
    “І найменша дівчинка в Чайна-тауні…”
    [And the smallest girl in Chinatown…] (Tran. Ostap Kin)

Vasyl Makhno
    New York Postcard to Bohdan Zadura (Tran. Luba Gawur)
    Coffee in Starbucks (Tran. Michael Naydan)
    Federico Garcia Lorca (Tran. Orest Popovych)
    A Farewell to Brooklyn (Tran. Orest Popovych)
    Brooklyn Elegy (Tran. Orest Popovych)
    Staten Island (Tran. Orest Popovych)

Maryana Savka
    Eleventh Street (Tran. Ostap Kin and Ali Kinsella)

Oksana Lutsyshyna

    “Мій друг Стефан у вельветовому піджаку фотографується…”
    [My friend Stefan…] (Tran. the Author and Ali Kinsella)

Kateryna Babkina
    Знеболювальні і снодійні
    Painkillers and Sleeping Pills (Tran. Virlana Tkacz and Wanda Phills)

Iryna Shuvalova        
    велика риба та інші мости
    учора містом ходила велика риба
    ти розгойдуєшся – й переступаєш поріг
    із чого складається місто?
    якщо вийти за двері
    Big fish and other bridges (Tran. Olena Jennings)
    1. yesterday a big fish walked through the city
    2. gathering momentum – you cross the threshold
    3. what is the city made from?
    4. if we were to walk out the door

Iryna Vikyrchak
    R.A. (Tran. Ostap Kin and Ali Kinsella)
    Seasonal (Tran. Ostap Kin and Ali Kinsella)

Oleksandr Fraze-Frazenko
    в Maikley
    At Maikley’s Café (Tran. Olga Gerasymiv)

Yulia Musakovska
    “Тунелями білого кахлю курсують жовті рибини…”
    [In tunnels of white…] (Tran. Olga Gerasymiv)

Vasyl Lozynsky
    New York (Tran. Ostap Kin and Ali Kinsella)

Olha Fraze-Frazenko
    December (Tran. Ostap Kin and Ali Kinsella)