Palestine to Israel: Mandate to State, 1945-1948, Volumes I & II

Palestine to Israel: Mandate to State, 1945-1948, Volumes I & II

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Monty Noam Penkower

Series: Touro University Press
ISBN: Volume I: 9781618118738 (hardcover) / 9781618118745 (paper)
Volume II: 9781618118769 (hardcover) / 9781618118776 (paper)
Pages: Volume I: 358 pp.
Volume II: 472 pp.
Publication Date: January 2019

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Seventy years after the creation of the State of Israel, Palestine to Israel: Mandate to State, 1945-1948 offers the definitive narrative of the achievement of Jewish sovereignty in the beleaguered Promised Land. Professor Monty Noam Penkower explores developments in Palestine and in the Arab states, including how the Palestine quagmire became a pawn in inter-Arab feuds; British and American responses both official and public; the role of Holocaust survivors; the context of the Cold War; and the saga as it unfolded in the corridors of the United Nations. Joining extensive archival research to a lucid prose, the two volumes offer a riveting conclusion to his Palestine in Turmoil and Decision on Palestine Deferred.

Monty Noam Penkower is Professor Emeritus of Jewish History at the Machon Lander Graduate School of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem. He was Victor J. Selmanowitz Professor of Modern Jewish History at Touro College in New York City, and also taught at Bard College, Rutgers University, and Stern College, and in the graduate history departments of New York University and Yeshiva University. His numerous publications include The Federal Writers’ Project (1977); The Jews Were Expendable: Free World Diplomacy and the Holocaust (1983); The Emergence of Zionist Thought (1986); The Holocaust and Israel Reborn: From Catastrophe to Sovereignty (1994); Decision on Palestine Deferred: America, Britain and Wartime Diplomacy, 1939–1945 (2002); Twentieth Century Jews: Forging Identity in the Land of Promise and in the Promised Land (2010), The Swastika's Darkening Shadow: Voices from Before the Holocaust (2013) and Palestine in Turmoil: The Struggle for Sovereignty, 1933–1939 (2014). The Jews Were Expendable received the B’nai B’rith A.D.L. Merit for Educational Distinction and, together with The Emergence of Zionist Thought, garnered the second Samuel Belkin Memorial Literary Award from Yeshiva University.


This year, Monty Noam Penkower, professor emeritus of Jewish History at the Machon Lander Graduate School of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, has continued his major contribution to the field of Middle East studies, providing an in-depth analysis of the conditions surrounding the establishment of the State of Israel. … Given the plethora of studies on the creation of Israel, it is tempting to downplay the possibility that Penkower’s two latest volumes can add to the understanding of what has become an intractable conflict. That would be a mistake.
— Dr. Alex Grobman, The Jewish Link
With the publication of Palestine to Israel: Mandate to State, 1945-1948, Monty N. Penkower completes his magisterial trilogy on the rise of the modern State of Israel. This is a scholarly achievement many years in the making, as the depth of the author’s research and keen analysis clearly demonstrate. The expanse of Penkower’s historical landscape testifies to his broad scholarly vision.
— Rafael Medoff, The David Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, H-Judaic
Monty Noam Penkower has written yet another definitive account of the tumultuous years preceding the establishment of the State of Israel. His masterful analysis is marked by nuanced assessment and a limpid prose. A must read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of Israeli history and the origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict.
— Efraim Karsh, Professor Emeritus of Middle East and Mediterranean Studies, King’s College London & Bar-Ilan University, author of Palestine Betrayed
Monty Noam Penkower’s pathbreaking volumes Palestine to Israel: Mandate to State, 1945–1948 are an important contribution to our understanding of the final years of the British mandate in Palestine. His first volume deals with the years from the end of World War II in Europe until the World Zionist Congress of December 1946; the second volume covers the crucial period from when the British submitted the Palestine conundrum to the United Nations until the official establishment of the State of Israel in May 1948. Based on extensive archival research, the book is a must for anyone interested in this decisive historical period.
— Judy Baumel-Schwartz, Director of the Arnold and Leona Finkler Institute of Holocaust Research and Professor of Jewish History, Bar-Ilan University
Monty Penkower presents a well-paced, dramatic narrative detailing how Zionists in Palestine and the United States successfully mobilized to create a Jewish state. Penkower highlights the complicated relationships that bound and divided different Zionist factions and leaders. He is a superb storyteller.
— Aaron Berman, Professor of History, Hampshire College

Table of Contents

Volume 1: Rebellion Launched, 1945-1946
The 100,000
Tenuat HaMeri HaIvri
The Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry
“Black Sabbath” to the Hotel Royal Monceau
Truman, Bevin, and the World Zionist Congress

Volume 2: Into the International Arena, 1947-1948
To the United Nations
UNSCOP, Two Sergeants, and the Exodus 1947
Civil War
Statehood at Long Last