At the Intersection of Education, Marketing, and Transformation

At the Intersection of Education, Marketing, and Transformation


Sabra Brock

Series: Touro University Press
ISBN: 9781618113122 (hardcover)
Pages: 162 pp.
Publication Date: October 2013

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There have been significant changes in the last decade in the fields of education and marketing. Both have been transformed by technology and globalization. Attention spans have been shortened due to accelerated delivery of entertainment. A new global cyber culture has emerged. Social networking sites have changed the way we get information. The web and mobile apps have emerged as major players in both education and marketing. Prominent educator Dr. Sabra Brock has examined the foundations of these transformations and written about emerging trends in marketing and post-secondary education. This book is a collection of pieces she has authored and co-authored. These articles may provide insights for educators and educational administrators, as well as business practitioners, especially marketers.

Sabra Brock has spent a lifetime in the fields of education and marketing. Armed with an MS degree in advertising from the prestigious program at Northwestern University, she first worked on Madison Ave. She also provided education and training for CitiCorp, Colgate-Palmolive, and Verizon, to name a few. After decades of adjunct teaching, she returned to school for a PhD in business education at New York University. For her dissertation she studied what fosters transformative learning in undergraduate business students. Dr. Brock continues to expand that research to other student populations. She currently serves as a professor and Interim Dean of the Graduate Business School at Touro College.

Dr. Brock is able to combine her professional experiences and research across disciplines with original thinking and analysis. This book offers the fields of education and marketing new insights that Dr. Brock has elegantly woven together with a fresh perspective.
— Amy Lui Abel, PhD, Director, Human Capital Research

Table of Contents


Tools for Change: An Examination of Transformative
Learning and Its Precursor Steps in Undergraduate
Creating a Learning Climate for the 21st Century: 
Applying Transformational Learning Methods
in Business School
Gender Equality for Learning Leadership
in Undergraduate Business Schools
Measuring the Importance of Precursor Steps
to Transformative Learning
Empowering PowerPoint: 
Slides and Teaching Effectiveness
Library and Marketing Class Collaborate
to Create Next Generation Learning Landscape
What Research Tells Us about the Utility
of Team Projects in Post-Secondary Business Classes
German American Undergraduate Student
Collaboration: Results and Reflections
of an Authentic Peer Support Activity
Simulation in the College Classroom: 
Enhancing the Survey Research Methods
Learning Process
Famous Gary’s/Famous Names
Elements of Successful Collaboration: 
An Overview
Can You Speak Marketing?