Schindler’s Listed: The Search for My Father’s Lost Gold

Schindler’s Listed: The Search for My Father’s Lost Gold

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Mark Biederman
with Randi Biederman

Series: The Holocaust: History and Literature, Ethics and Philosophy
ISBN: 9781644690086 (hardcover) / 9781644690093 (paperback)
Pages: 186 pp.; 22 illus.
Publication Date: May 2019

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This is the extraordinary story of the author’s twenty year quest to find gold coins which his father’s family buried in their backyard in Poland just prior to being deported by the Nazis into concentration camps. His father survived the war but died when the author was a teenager, leaving him only with the knowledge that he had buried coins somewhere in Poland, and no information about his family. During his quest, Biederman uncovers many interesting and disturbing facts about his father and mother and their families, such as the fact that his father was the third person on Oskar Schindler’s list and had a chance meeting with Adolph Hitler, and that his mother was selected as a cook for the infamous Dr. Josef Mengele. The book details the author’s quest to unearth his family’s past and his father’s treasure and continues with his parent’s amazing post-war years in Europe and their eventual arrival in North America.

Mark Biederman was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1961, the son of two Holocaust Survivors, both of whom lost their entire families. He became an avid Holocaust history devotee when, at a young age, he became aware of a complete lack of extended family and wanted to learn what had happened to them. Mark graduated from veterinary school in 1988 and specialized in horse medicine and surgery.

Table of Contents

The Quest Begins
1993–1996: Relocating to Windsor
1996: Travel to Poland
Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland: July 1944
Auschwitz-Birkenau: 1996
Krosno Airbase, Poland: August 27, 1941
Fate of My Father’s Family
I Receive Unexpected News
Maidstone Ontario: Spring 2001
New Information Changes Our Course
December 4, 1939: Zeglarska 7, Lodz, Poland
Europe: 2001
Postwar Europe
Maidstone, Ontario: 2001 through 2003
Yaron Svoray
New York: July 2003
Maidstone, Ontario: 2003
Wednesday April 21, 2004: Maidstone, Ontario
Poland: April 2004
Wolf’s Lair
Berlin 1946
Warsaw: 2004
Windsor: Spring/Summer 2004
Lodz: October 2004
The Trip Home
April 1949 and Beyond: The American Journey
Back Home: Ontario, 2004
Late 2004–Present: Epilogue