The Unknown Nineteenth Century (Series)

Series Editor: Joe Peschio (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)

Editorial Board:

  • Angela Brintlinger (Ohio State University, Columbus)
  • Alyssa Gillespie (University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana)
  • Mikhail Gronas (Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire)
  • Igor Pilshchikov (Tallinn U, Moscow State U)
  • David Powelstock (Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts)
  • Ilya Vinitsky (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)

“The Unknown Nineteenth Century” is a book series focused on the discovery of new literary facts in the history of nineteenth-century Russian literature.  Each book in the series brings to light unknown texts and authors, unknown historical materials, unknown literary-historical trends, unknown formal features, etc.  Each book is based in fundamental research, be it archival, computational, historical, linguistic, or otherwise.  The scope of the series is broad chronologically: our nineteenth century stretches from Karamzin to Bunin and beyond.  It is no less broad methodologically, and embraces a range of approaches from the philological to the sociological.  Yet, the same thing can be said of every book in this series.  Namely, that it came as a surprise to scholars and students in the field because what it describes was unknown to any of us before the publication of the book; rather than reinterpret the well-known, these books provide new material for new interpretations and narratives and force us to reexamine old ones.