Review Copies

Academic Studies Press offers individual reviewers and journal review editors review copies upon request. All requests are subject to publisher approval.

Academic Studies Press requires at least one copy of the published review. Copies may be provided in hard copy or digital format.

In the case that a paperback edition of the requested volume is available, Academic Studies Press will provide the reviewer with a paperback version. If a hardback version of the title is required, please note this in your request with a detailed explanation.

Please note that all requests for review copies of titles that are not yet available will be processed as soon as the title becomes available. Academic Studies Press makes every effort to inform reviewers of the status of the requested title and welcomes reviewer inquiries.

To request a review copy, please fill out the below form or email us. Written requests for review copies and published reviews may be sent to:

Academic Studies Press
Attn: Reviews
1577 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA 02446

Title Requested
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