Psychoanalysis and Jewish Life (Series)

Series Editor: Jess Olson (Yeshiva University) 

Editorial Board:

  • Susannah Heschel, PhD (Dartmouth College, Hanover)
  • Arnold Richards, MD (New York University, New York)
  • Moshe Halevi Spero, PhD (Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan),
  • Karen Starr, PsyD (Long Island University at C.W. Post, Brookville, New York)

The “Psychoanalysis and Jewish Life” book series has been established to promote scholarship, research, and a wide range of theoretical, textual, and clinical studies on the multiple interconnections between and mutual influence of Judaism and contemporary psychoanalysis.  Its aim is broad, spanning a wide variety of subject areas: from the origins of psychoanalysis in Jewish circles of turn-of-the-century Vienna to clinical studies illuminating contemporary facets of Jewish identity and self-understanding; from explorations of psychological aspects of Jewish theology to psychoanalytic investigations of anti-Semitism; from studies of Jewish religious ritual to analyses of Hasidic mysticism and folklore; from psychoanalytic studies of pre-World War II Yiddish theater to the clinical practice of psychoanalysis in modern-day Tel-Aviv. The “Psychoanalysis and Jewish Life” series provides a home for fresh and intellectually challenging contributions across the spectrum of this interdisciplinary area of scholarship.