The Lost Temple of Israel

The Lost Temple of Israel


Zvi Koenigsberg

ISBN: 9781618114242 (hardcover)
Pages: 210 pp.
Publication Date: January 2015

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This book describes a physical and intellectual journey in the author’s life that traces his involvement in the excavation of a site on Mount Ebal, which the Bible describes as the home of the Lost Ark. Here, Koenigsberg discusses his experiences and the thought processes that brought him to a series of conclusions about the nature of the site that contradict almost axiomatic beliefs about early Israel and certain biblical materials—and which are considered seriously by experts in the field.

Zvi Koenigsberg spent his youth attending traditional Jewish schools in New York City, where he was immersed in the study of the Jewish Bible and rabbinic literature. He moved to Israel at the age of twenty and spent almost a decade studying archaeology and the Bible under the informal mentorship of the late president of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Professor Benjamin Mazar, who excavated the Western Wall. Koenigsberg worked with Professor Adam Zertal of Haifa University at the Mount Ebal excavations, which are the subject of this book.

I am now…convinced that the main ruin is an ancient altar, and that the lore about Ebal… are among the earliest historical materials preserved in Deuteronomy–never mind how!
— Frank Moore-Cross, late Professor of Bible, Harvard University, author of Canaanite Myth and Hebrew Epic
The challenge [the author makes] to certain commonly accepted ideas cannot be easily dismissed by archaeologists or Bible scholars.
— Yair Zakovitch, Professor Emeritus of Bible, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
This riveting book…is actually a gigantic find for the reader interested in history, religion and sanctity…and on top of that, it is a really great story.
— Sami Michael, writer, author of A Trumpet in the Wadi and Refuge

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