Bo, Jenny and I

Bo, Jenny and I

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Huguette Herrmann

ISBN: 9781936235735 (hardcover) / 9781618112989 (paper)
Pages: 228 pp.
Publication Date: March 2012

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Bo, Jenny and I is a memoir describing the life of a young woman growing up in unusual circumstances, as well as a discussion of political and sociological effects of troubled times upon “ordinary people.” After an early childhood in pre-war Antwerp, the author, her formidable grandmother, and her young, unconventional working mother fled to England in 1940, upon Germany’s invasion of Belgium. As refugees, the family adapted to its changed circumstances and to life in World War II England. The political upheavals of the times are reflected in the life of this small family and its remarkable experiences.

Huguette  Herrmann  worked for 22 years as a librarian for Archives of German Literature, which is visited by scholars of modern German literature from all over the world.  She has also worked as a translator of legal, technical and other texts and has studied politics, history, Jungian psychology and literature.

This is a very engaging text; I was struck by the way that it blended the personal (including the family dynamics) with the historical.
— Jim Wald, Associate Professor of History, Hampshire College
What are the deepest impressions Huguette’s book made on me? One, certainly, is her vivid portraiture: you come away from it with the sense that you know her grandmother, Bo, and her mother, Jenny, as old family friends. They would make fantastic characters in any novel, but here they are, drawn from real life.
— Dr. John McKenzie
From beginning to end, Bo, Jenny and I is a fascinating book to read. It is not your typical Holocaust memoir, and as such it may be even more important than more traditional memoirs because it provides readers with a different vantage point from which to view the war—and its consequences. I highly recommend this book for inclusion in all public and private libraries.
— Simone Bonim, The Jewish Eye

Table of Contents

Jim Wald

Part I
A Childhood in Antwerp
1. The Family
2. The Invisible Man
3. The Children’s Home
4. The Preventorium
5. Elementary School
6. Isy
7. Silvie
8. Flight from Antwerp

Part II
Adolescence in England
9. The Blitz
10. Bedford Central School
11. King’s Warren School (1)
12. King’s Warren School (2)
13. Jenny
14. The Summer Camp
15. Abe

John McKenzie