A New Life in Israel: 1950-1954

A New Life in Israel: 1950-1954

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Shimon Redlich

ISBN: 9781618117151 (hardcover) / 9781618117168 (paperback)
Pages: 134 pp.; 26 illus.
Publication Date: January 2018

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A New Life in Israel, 1950-1954 is the last book in the trilogy about Shimon Redlich’s childhood and adolescence. In Together and Apart in Brzezany he discussed his childhood in prewar and wartime Brzezany. Life in Transit told the story of his adolescence in the city of Lodz in postwar Poland. A New Life in Israel focuses on his first years in the Jewish state. The book bears witness to the adjustment of one young immigrant—one among thousands—to the realities of a new life in Israel.

Shimon Redlich, a child survivor of the Holocaust, was born in Lwow in 1935 and lived in nearby Brzezany until 1945, when he was repatriated to Lodz. He left Poland for Israel in 1950. He studied at Hebrew University, Harvard, and New York University. He taught History at Ben-Gurion University for close to forty years. Redlich has written numerous books and articles on the history of the Jews in Eastern Europe.

[Shimon Redlich’s] brief but illustrative tale of life in the kibbutz Merhavia in the Jezreel Valley, followed by settling in the northern town of Afula, and his tour of service in the IDF (Israel Defence Force) is a memoir that will interest a wide ranging audience.
— Sanford R. Silverburg, Catawba College, AJL Reviews
Shimon Redlich’s new book caps his fascinating trilogy, begun with his account of a child’s life and survival in a small Galician Town during the Holocaust in Together and Apart in Brzezany, and continued with Life in Transit, which depicts the remaking of the surviving remnant in postwar Lodz. As in these previous volumes, in A New Life in Israel Redlich uniquely combines his personal memories with meticulous research to carefully and sensitively recreate the reception of a child survivor in 1950s Israel and his never-quite complete absorption into the young Jewish State.
— Omer Bartov, Professor of European History, Brown University
This remarkable and moving memoir concludes Shimon Redlich’s autobiographical cycle which began with Together and Apart in Brzezany (2002), describing his survival in his native town of Berezhany in Western Ukraine during the Holocaust. It continued with Life in Transit (2010), an account of his family’s resettlement in post-war Poland. This concluding volume is devoted to his move to Israel, his settlement in the kibbutz Merhavia in Jezreel Valley, then in the town of Afula and his service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). As in the earlier volumes, personal experience and the testimony of those he encountered is combined with his deep understanding of the political, economic and social context of the events he described. This memoir will certainly become a classic and deserves the widest possible readership.
— Antony Polonsky, Emeritus Professor of Holocaust Studies, Brandeis University; Chief Historian, Museum of Polish Jews in Warsaw

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments

Chapter One The Promised Land
Chapter Two Kibbutz Merhavia
Chapter Three Afula
Chapter Four Training Base Four