Ottoman and Turkish Studies (Series)

Series Editor: Hakan T. Karateke (University of Chicago)

This series will feature original studies with a focus on Ottoman and Turkish cultural history. As the definition of “culture” includes an infinite variety of topics, so will our series not limit its scope. We are particularly interested in studies that take on new perspectives and methodologies, that make use of untapped sources, or that offer novel interpretations of well-known sources. We are hoping to publish monographs and edited collections with engaging narratives that grapple with the intricacies of sources in Ottoman and Turkish cultural and intellectual history, literary studies, history of sciences, reading, and writing, but also in such emerging fields as the history of emotions, senses, perceptions, or spatial history. We invite studies concentrating not only on the dominant cultures of the Ottoman lands or core values of the imperial center, but also on popular cultures, marginal groups, or individuals traditionally deemed “unremarkable.” Studies may be on any period of the long Ottoman existence and of the Turkish Republican era with a specific cultural history perspective. Translations of primary sources will also be considered.