My Father’s Journey: A Memoir of Lost Worlds of Jewish Lithuania

My Father’s Journey: A Memoir of Lost Worlds of Jewish Lithuania


Sara Reguer

Series: Studies in Orthodox Judaism
ISBN: 9781618114143 (hardcover)
Pages: 264 pp.
Publication Date: March 2015

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Born into a leading Lithuanian-Jewish rabbinic family, Moshe Aron Reguer initially followed the path of traditional yeshiva education. His adolescence coincided with World War I and its upheavals, pandemics, and pogroms, as well as with new ideas of Haskalah, Zionism, and socialism. His memoir, recently discovered and here translated and published for the first time, discusses his internal struggles and describes the world around him and the people who influenced him. Moshe Aron Reguer wrote his memoir at the age of 23, on the eve of his departure for Eretz Israel in 1926. However, his story did not end there, but continued in British Mandated Palestine and the United States. He kept in touch with the family in Brest-Litovsk until the Nazis destroyed Jewish Lithuania, and some of their correspondence is included within this volume.

Sara Reguer has been chair of the Department of Judaic Studies at Brooklyn College, CUNY, for over 25 years. During that time she introduced a number of specialized courses including one on the Jewish Woman, one on economic history of the Jews, and one on Italian Jews. She has published in a wide variety of areas, including Jewish women, the politics of the Jordan River, and Winston S. Churchill. She is co-editor and co-author of The Jews of the Middle East and North Africa in Modern Times (2003), and most recently authored The Most Tenacious of Minorities: The Jews of Italy (2013).

Table of Contents


Part I: Europe
Introduction to Part I
Introduction/Preface to My Memoirs
The Volozhin Chapter
The Bobruisk Chapter
The Slutzk Chapter
The Kremenchug Chapter
The Pogroms of the Denikintzim (the Whites) 
Karilov (December 1919) 
The Karilov Chapter
The Kotzerim Pogrom (1920) 
The Slobodka Chapter
What Came Next
Part II: Mandatory Palestine / The United States
Introduction to Part II
The Eretz Israel Chapter
The New York Chapter
The Letters
Lost Worlds
Biography of Simcha Zelig Reguer
Biography of Moshe Aron Reguer