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New Series: Jews and Judaism in Roman Antiquity

Academic Studies Press is pleased to announce the founding of a new series

Jews and Judaism in Roman Antiquity seeks to publish important scholarship across the broadest range of textual and archaeological sources, specializations and methodological approaches employed in the study of Jewish life from the first century BCE through the rise of Islam.

Series Editor: Steven Fine, Yeshiva University

Editorial Board:

  • Ra'anan Boustan (University of California, Los Angeles)
  • Galit Hasan-Rokem (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  • Richard Hidary (Yeshiva University)
  • Laura Lieber (Duke University)
  • Stuart Miller (University of Connecticut, Storrs)
  • R. Steven Notley (Nyack College)
  • Jürgen Zangenberg (University of Leiden)
  • Boaz Zissu (Bar Ilan University)


New Series Announced: Studies in Lexical Science

ASP is pleased to announce the founding of a new series:

Studies in Lexical Science

Series Editor: Alain Polguère (Université de Lorraine)

This series will feature monographs and collected edited volumes dedicated to exceptional original research in lexicology, lexicography, terminology, and phraseology, as well as studies focused on mental lexicon, formal and computational models of the lexicon, and vocabulary teaching and acquisition. We are especially interested in research approaches that formalize lexical knowledge, integrate with experimental approaches, and advance the field of lexical science through innovative methods. Dictionaries and lexicographic descriptions will also be considered for publication.

New Series Announced: Central Asian Studies

ASP is pleased to announce the following new series:

Central Asian Studies

Series Editor: Timothy May (University of North Georgia)

This series will feature original studies with a focus on Central Asia, broadly defined as the former Soviet Central Asian Republics, Xinjiang, Mongolia, Afghanistan, and Pontic and Caspian steppes. This series will be dedicated to high quality monographs, edited volumes, and translations of primary sources. The series is open to all periods of Central Asian history ranging from the ancient to the modern. We are interested in studies with new perspectives and innovative approaches, as well as interdisciplinary work. Scholars who work in history, anthropology, religious studies, and political science will find this series as an appropriate home for their research.

New Series Announced: Iranian Studies

ASP is pleased to announce the following new series:

Iranian Studies

Series Editor: Sussan Siavoshi (Trinity University)

This series is dedicated to high quality, interdisciplinary monographs and edited volumes on various aspects of modern and contemporary Iran. The series welcomes, in particular, studies with fresh and innovative approaches to state-society relations, gender, ethnic and religious minorities, NGOs, political parties, and social movements. Scholars who use the methodologies and theories of political science, history, sociology, and religious studies will find this series a natural home for their work.

New Series Announced: Ottoman and Turkish Studies

Academic Studies Press is pleased to announce the following new series:

Ottoman and Turkish Studies

Series Editor: Hakan T. Karateke (University of Chicago)

Academic Studies Press is pleased to announce a new series in Ottoman and Turkish Studies. This series will feature original studies with a focus on Ottoman and Turkish cultural history. As the definition of “culture” includes an infinite variety of topics, so will our series not limit its scope by topic. We are, however, interested in studies that take on new perspectives and methodologies, that make use of untapped sources, or that offer novel interpretations of well-known sources. We are hoping to publish monographs and edited collected volumes with engaging narratives that grapple with the intricacies of sources in Ottoman and Turkish cultural and intellectual history, literary studies, history of sciences, reading, and writing, but also in such emerging fields as the history of emotions, senses, perceptions, or spatial history. We invite studies concentrating not only on the dominant cultures of the Ottoman lands or core values of the imperial center, but also on popular cultures, marginal groups, or individuals traditionally deemed “unremarkable.” Studies may be on any period of the long Ottoman existence and of the Turkish Republican era with a specific cultural history perspective. Translations of primary sources will also be considered for publication. 

New Series: Film and Media Studies

Academic Studies Press is pleased to launch the series "Film and Media Studies," headed by Alexander Prokhorov (College of William & Mary) and Elena Prokhorova (College of William & Mary). We are now welcoming book proposals for monographs, multi-authored collections, and readers that match the aims and scope of this series. 

This series presents a lively scholarly dialogue on a wide range of topics within film and media studies, including representation, identity, media under state socialism, national/regional cinemas and media, new media, consumer culture and media, gender/sexuality and media, film and media theory, film and media history. The series focuses on cinema and media cultures of Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus, and Central Asia in regional and global contexts. We invite proposals for a variety of projects including scholarly monographs, edited multi-authored volumes on film, media, and popular culture, as well as classroom-oriented readers and companions.