"The Middle Way" reviewed in Tradition

The Middle Way was reviewed by Moshe Y. Miller in Tradition.

Having broadened the scope considerably, Chamiel provides interested readers with an indispensable study of what he calls “The Middle Way,” that is, the approach among Jewish thinkers which championed the Golden Mean and avoided the extremes of both religious skeptic and uber fundamentalists ... Chamiel posits that it is not clear what value the Land of Israel will hold at the end of days, if the prerequisite for returning there is the dramatic transformation of all mankind and the removal of all evil tendencies from human society ... Chamiel’s two-volume study is an indispensable contribution to our understanding of the emergence of varieties of traditionalist responses to modernity. His interpretation of R. Chajes is the most compelling and at least some readers may emerge with a greater appreciation for, and interest in the writings of, this great Galician Torah sage.
— Moshe Y. Miller, Tradition (49:3, 2016)