Review: The Art of Identity and Memory: Toward a Cultural History of the Two World Wars in Lithuania & "Lithuanian Studies without Borders"

The Art of Identity and Memory: Toward a Cultural History of the Two World Wars in Lithuania edited by Giedrė Jankevičiūtė & Rasutė Žukienė, and the "Lithuanian Studies Without Borders" series have been reviewed in 15min.

We are glad that Lithuanian scholars, who have been reproached for lacking international reach time and again, have gained yet another solid platform for sharing their research with the world. We can only hope that the promising beginning to this series will turn it into a successful long-term project, which not only opens the door to the poorly known world of Lithuanian studies but also encourages researchers in Lithuania to advance their work. It seems that advancement will certainly be necessary for further publications, as the bar has been set quite high with this book.
— Arūnas Streikus (Vilnius University) in Knygų aidai, 2016 no. 4