Marianna Tax Choldin interviewed in World Libraries

Marianna Tax Choldin, author of Garden of Broken Statues: Exploring Censorship in Russia, has been interviewed and reviewed in the first issue of the open access journal World Libraries' relaunch. Read the full interview at World Libraries' open access platform here.

Garden of Broken Statues: Exploring Censorship in Russia covers a lot of territory: geographically, from Hyde Park to Moscow to East Bangladesh; ideologically, from Soviet “omni-censorship” to the less systemic challenges to free speech we find in the States; and, above all, interpersonally, as Choldin pays tribute to the people who have shaped her life ... it’s such a wide-ranging book, it might be recommended not only to those interested in Russia or censorship, but also just about all readers of this journal: namely, librarians and information professionals curious about the personal and professional lives of those who have committed the better part of their lives to the cause of international understanding.
— Scott Schoger, World Libraries Vol 22. No. 1 (2016)