ASP Open

Academic Studies Press is pleased to announce the launch of ASP Open, our new ‪Open Access initiative.

ASP Open is designed to help authors publish, distribute, and advertise their research in digital format for a broad readership. When authors choose to publish with ASP Open, their peer-reviewed book is released for free in digital format on the ASP Open website on the same day that the print version of the book is available for purchase. Publishing Open Access ensures that authors can post a copy of their book on their faculty or personal website, send as many digital copies as they would like to friends and colleagues, and, depending on the licensing agreement, encourage creative, commercial reuse. For most scholars and researchers, Open Access means expanding readership beyond the printed page and democratizing the distribution of research around the globe.

Like all titles published by Academic Studies Press, ASP Open titles are rigorously peer-reviewed, professionally copyedited and indexed, and carefully proofread. Print copies are still adorned with striking cover art, an e-book version is still available, and the entire project benefits from a careful marketing plan.

Learn more here.