Review: By Fables Alone

By Fables Alone: Literature and State Ideology in Late Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century Russia by Andrei Zorin, translated by Marcus C. Levitt was reviewed in The Russian Review (Vol. 74, No. 3). Reviewer Joe Peschio (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) writes: 

Rendering Zorin’s unique style and rhetorical ethos in English is a tall order, but Levitt’s and Monnier’s translations almost always get it right, and their rendition of Zorin is spot on. . . . This is an excellent and sorely needed translation of an important book. Though it has long since become part of the scholarly discourse in Russian literary and cultural history, Zorin’s book could and should have a role in other disciplines as well. Levitt is to be commended for opening a window for it to the wider world. This book will be greeted with particular enthusiasm by faculty who teach Russian literary and cultural history of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to undergraduates or novice graduate students whose Russian is not yet sufficient to enjoy Zorin in the original.