Book Review: Prosaics and Other Provocations

Prosaics and Other Provocations: Empathy, Open Time, and the Novel by Gary Saul Morson received an excellent review in The Russian Review, January 2015 (Vol. 74, No. 1) by Brett Cooke (Texas A&M University). Cooke writes:

“Read this book. While it is inspired by (and offers brief but illuminating studies of) the masterworks of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, the volume’s relevance greatly transcends Russian literature, indeed it offers a corrective to much (one is tempted to say all) thought, whether that includes technological or economic history, animal or language speciation, or deconstructing the Old Testament. . . . Readers who cherish various theories of literature or even science itself will find Morson a contentious, amusing, and always-eloquent conversationalist, who argues for a “counter-tradition,” a life affirming perspective that opposes all-encompassing laws and patterns with details, processes, and especially our consciousness of the present moment with all its innumerable potentials.”