Book Review: I Saw It

I Saw It: Ilya Selvinsky and the Legacy of Bearing Witness to the Shoah by Maxim D. Shrayer was reviewed in the Slavic and East European Journal, 58.3 (Fall 2014). Reviewer Marat Grinberg (Reed College) writes:

“Maxim D. Shrayer’s impassioned, eloquent, and rich study of Ilya Selvinsky’s war-time poems contributes to [the] new history of Holocaust poetry and significantly broadens it. . . . Is [Selvinsky] the case of trauma, fear, or deeply held convictions? What is the relationship between Soviet and Jewish identities?” Shrayer’s meticulously researched and beautifully argued book urges the reader to ponder these complicated questions, thus deepening the field of both Holocaust and Soviet literary studies.”