Book Review: Checking Out Chekov

Checking Out Chekhov: A Guide to the Plays for Actors, Directors, and Readers was reviewed in the Slavic and East European Journal, 58.3 (Fall 2014). Reviewer Michael R. Katz (Middlebury College) writes:

“Sharon Marie Carnicke, a professor of Theatre and Slavic Studies at the University of Southern California, who has worked professionally as an actor, director, and dancer, who has written on Stanislavsky’s system and Evreinov’s productions, and who has published a translation of Chekov’s major plays, has now produced a provocative guide to these plays for actors, directors, and readers. Her thesis is simply that to acquire a taste for Chekov, ‘one needs to read him closely, thoughtfully, even creatively’. This she manages to do in her new book.”