Book Review: Palestine in Turmoil

Palestine in Turmoil: The Struggle for Sovereignty, 1933-1939 by Monty Noam Penkower was reviewed in The Jewish Daily Forward (issue of October 31, 2014) by Jerome A. Chanes. Chanes writes:

“One would think that Israel’s genesis should be, by this time, well-trodden terrain. . . . But Monty Penkower’s two-volume work is the first that comprehensively explores the growing rift between the two peoples — and the fissures within the Arab and Jewish communities as well — against the backdrop of the rise of Nazism, the stance of the Arab states, and British realpolitik considerations. . . . Penkower deftly walks the reader through the seemingly endless negotiations amongst the three parties in Palestine, and — crucial to the narrative — through the internal divisions within each group. . . . “Palestine in Turmoil” makes a substantial contribution to history of 1930s Palestine Scholars and students will benefit from Penkower’s clear narrative and his prodigious archival research, and just plain folks — many of us had our unfortunate early education about Palestine from the blockbuster novel and movie “Exodus” — will learn about an era that is central to our understanding of how the Arab-Israeli conflict came to be." Full review.