“We are not only English Jews—we are Jewish Englishmen”: The Making of an Anglo-Jewish Identity, 1840–1880

“We are not only English Jews—we are Jewish Englishmen”: The Making of an Anglo-Jewish Identity, 1840–1880


Sara Abosch-Jacobson

Series: The Lands and Ages of the Jewish People
ISBN: 9781644690857 (hardcover)
Pages: 224 pp.; 3 tables
Publication Date: October 2019

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A distinct Anglo-Jewish identity developed in Britain between 1840 and 1880. Over the course of these forty years, a mature, increasingly comfortable, native-born Jewish community emerged and matured in London. The multifaceted growth and change in communal institutional and religious structures and habits, as well as the community’s increasing familiarity and comfort with the larger English society, contributed to the formation of an Anglo-Jewish communal identity. The history of this community and the ways in which it developed are explored in this volume using archival and also contemporary advertising material that appeared in the Jewish Chronicle and other Anglo-Jewish newspapers in these years.

Sara Abosch-Jacobson is the Chief Education, Programming & Exhibitions Officer at the Dallas Holocaust Museum. An experienced educator, she has researched, taught, and written on Jewish culture and history. Prior to joining the Museum’s staff, she was the David Bornblum Visiting Scholar in Judaic Studies at the University of Memphis.

Table of Contents

List of Tables
List of Abbreviations
Glossary of Terms
Note on Sources

Chapter One: Jewish Life in England after Readmission
Chapter Two: Dissent and Decorum: Establishing Community and its Limits (Anglo-Jewish Community and its Discontents)
Chapter Three: London Jews and the Giving of Ẓedakah and Charity: Creating Anglo-Judaic Practice
Chapter Four: Anglo-Jewry on the Move: Demographic, Political, Social, and Economic Change
Chapter Five: London Jews and Education: On Becoming English and Remaining Jewish—By Class and Design
Conclusion: The Making of an Anglo-Jewish Identity, 1840–1880

Appendix 1: Sampling of Charities and Charitable Institutions Advertising or Soliciting Subscribers in the Jewish Chronicle, 1841–1859
Appendix 2: Sampling of Charitable Institutions, Friendly Societies, and So Forth, 1874