Macht Arbeit Frei?: German Economic Policy and Forced Labor of Jews in the General Government, 1939-1943

Macht Arbeit Frei?: German Economic Policy and Forced Labor of Jews in the General Government, 1939-1943

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Witold W. Medykowski

Series: Jews of Poland
ISBN: 9781618115966 (hardcover) / 9781618119568 (paper)
Pages: 454 pp.; 32 illus.; 37 tables; 7 maps
Publication Date: November 2018

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This volume is the first ever complex study to address Jewish forced labor and the German economic policy in the General Government, which was a part of occupied Poland during World War II and the Holocaust. The study presents German economic policy on the occupied territories, discussing Germany’s misappropriation and misuse of available resources—particularly human resources and their inhuman treatment—and how this policy ultimately led to the downfall of the Nazi regime. This fascinating study sheds a light on the mutual dependence of economics and warfare during one of the most difficult periods in human history. 

Witold W. Mędykowski is a historian and political scientist. He is a graduate of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin and Tel Aviv University. He received his PhD in political science at the Institute of Political Studies — Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw and his PhD in Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research interests lie mainly in Polish–Jewish relations, the Holocaust, World War II, ethnic conflicts, economics, political science, and archival science.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. The war against Poland and the beginning of German economic policy in the ocсupied territory
Chapter 2. Forced labor from the period of military government until the beginning of ghettoization
Chapter 3. Forced labor in the ghettos and labor detachments
Chapter 4. Forced labor in the labor camps

Chapter 5. The war in the East: Galicia during the first weeks of the war
Chapter 6. Jewish labor in Galicia
Chapter 7. Jewish labor in the shadow of the Aktion Reinhardt
Chapter 8. War industry requirements in the face of annihilation of the workforce
Chapter 9. “Harvest Festival” (Erntefest)—Extermination of the remaining Polish Jews    


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