Jewish Identities in Post-Modern Society (Series)

Series Editor: Roberta Rosenberg Farber (Yeshiva University, New York)

Editorial Board:

  • Sara Abosch (University of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee)
  • Geoffrey Alderman (University of Buckingham, Buckingham)
  • Yoram Bilu (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
  • Steven M. Cohen (Hebrew Union College, New York)
  • Deborah Dash Moore (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
  • Bryan Daves (Yeshiva University, New York)
  • Sergio Della Pergola (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
  • Simcha Fishbane (Touro College, New York)
  • Uzi Rebhun (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
  • Reeva Simon (Yeshiva University, New York)

“Jewish Identities in Post-Modern Society” explores the multiple ways in which contemporary Jews express and define their Jewish identity. Titles will explore the sociological, historical and psychological basis for these identities and the ways in which they reflect a rejection and or integration of the norms, morals and values of post modern society.