The Liberal-Republican Quandary in Israel, Europe, and the United States: Early Modern Thought Meets Current Affairs

The Liberal-Republican Quandary in Israel, Europe, and the United States: Early Modern Thought Meets Current Affairs


Edited by Thomas Maissen & Fania Oz-Salzberger

Series: Israel: Society, Culture, and History
ISBN: 9781936235551 (hardcover)
Pages: 300 pp.
Publication Date: November 2012

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Compiled by a group of distinguished international scholars, including John Pocock, Diana Pinto, Thomas Maissen, and Fania Oz-Salzberger, this volume offers a threefold intellectual juncture. Its contributors analyze the liberal-Republican tension-field in a novel way, juxtaposing early modern political thought with twenty-first century political concerns. The volume conjoins Israeli political scholarship with its European and American counterparts, mapping differentials and commonalities. Topics include Israeli-Palestinian relations, law and justice, commerce and citizenship, and post-holocaust historical memory—all within the pioneering context of early modern political concepts and their contemporary significance. Of interest to researchers and advanced students of intellectual history, political philosophy, political science, international relations, European Studies, and Jewish and Israel studies.

Thomas Maissen (PhD University of Basel) is a professor of modern history at the University of Heidelberg.  Among his many articles and books are the recent Die Geschichte der Schweiz, Baden 2010; Die Geburt der Republic. Staatsverstandnis und Reprasentation in der fruhneuzeitlichen Eidgenossenschaft, Gottingen 2006; Verweigerte Erinnerung. Nachrichtenlose Vermogen und die Schweizer Weltkriegsdebatte 1989-2004 Zurich 2005.

Fania Oz-Salzberger (DPhil Oxford University) is professor of history at the University of Haifa Center for German and European Studies and Faculty of Law, where she directs the Posen Research Forum for Political Thought. She was Professor and Leon Liberman Chair of Modern Israel Studies at Monash University (2007–2012), and Laurance S. Rockefeller Visiting Professor for Distinguished Teaching at Princeton University (2009–10). Among her books are Translating the Enlightenment (1995), Israelis in Berlin (2001), and Jews and Words, co-authored with Amos Oz (2012). She recently edited, with Thomas Maissen, The Liberal-Republican Quandary in Israel, Europe, and the United States (2012).

While disparate in topic, the essays in this collection, touching upon the origins of modern political institutions and the tensions between religious and secular values in the Christian and Hebraic traditions, sparkle from the brilliance and erudition of their authors.
— Joyce Appleby, UCLA Professor of History Emerita
The editors explain the urgency of bringing together a broad scope of historical and geographical analyses and a wide range of academic disciplines—to pave the way for a new understanding of the major social, political issues of today.
— Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Table of Contents

Introductory Remarks
Fania Oz-Salzberger and Thomas Maissen

Republics, Revelations and Liberalisms: A Selective History of Early Modern Political Thought
John G. A. Pocock
Political Hebraism, Past and Present
Fania Oz-Salzberger 
The Polis in Seventeenth-Century Political Discourse: Athens Mirrored by Francis Rous, Marchamont Nedham, George Guillet De Saint-George and Jonathan Swift
Christine Zabel
Were the Republics Able to Handle the Challenge? Commerce as a Driving Force Behind Changing Role Models in Eighteenth-Century Political Discourse
Urte Weeber
Beyond the Republican Synthesis: Biblical Republicanism and the American Revolution
Eran Shalev
Toleration, Liberty, and Rights: Or, What Hobbes Knew, Others Feared, and Hohfeld Figured Out
Gordon Schochet
Old and New Justifications for War: Just Wars and Humanitarian Interventions
Marco Geuna
Justice over Charity: Some Dangers in Faith-Based Poverty Initiatives
Sam Fleischacker
Has the Wheel Come Full Circle? Civic Service Debates in Israel
Raef Zreik
Universal Jurisdiction, Really Serious Crimes, and the Liberal-Republican Debate
Amnon Reichman
Republican and Liberal Values in Coping With the Memory of World War II: The Swiss Holocaust Assets in a Transnational Perspective
Thomas Maissen
Europe and Israel Today: Can Their Incompatible “Never Again(s)”be Reconciled?
Diana Pinto