Interdisciplinary Modernisms

Series Editor: Alison Annunziata (ArtCenter College of Design)

This series will explore and compare various aspects of modernist culture including the visual arts, design and architecture, film, the performing arts, music, literature, and science and technology, and provide a historical perspective and critical insight into the political, social, and philosophical dynamics of the era, and its relevance to our contemporary culture. The series is structured around the relationship between literature and the applied arts: we seek work that follows interdisciplinarity from the late eighteenth century through to its full manifestation in the early twentieth century until its supposed decline in the wake of the First World War through to the 1960s. Topics of interest include Enlightenment thought, the impact of industrialism and urbanism, theories of the avant-garde, with special emphasis on the visual arts, literature, photography/film, and architecture.  Particular interest in work that considers how norms established in the literary world come to bear on those in the artistic (and vice versa), and how this cross-pollination and competition between disciplines has been used to inspire new genres and forms, and to communicate new theories, approaches, and ideas.