Visual Texts, Ceremonial Texts, Texts of Exploration: Collected Articles on the Representation of Russian Monarchy

Visual Texts, Ceremonial Texts, Texts of Exploration: Collected Articles on the Representation of Russian Monarchy


Richard Wortman

Series: Imperial Encounters in Russian History
ISBN: 9781618113474 (hardcover)
Pages: 468 pp.
Publication Date: March 2014

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Visual Texts, Ceremonial Texts, Texts of Exploration continues the work begun in Russian Monarchy: Representation and Rule, which analyzed the interplay between the symbolic representations of Russian monarchs and the legal and institutional instruments of their rule. The articles in this volume examine the texts that, through various media, revealed the myths and scenarios conveying the goals and ideals the monarchy sought to elevate before the elite of the empire and, later, the public at large.

Russian monarchy inhabited a highly visual culture, comprising court ceremonials, parades, public festivities, and celebrations. It mobilized the arts through painting, prints, popular pictures (lubki), and even opera. This book examines that artistic culture, focusing on several aspects. Parts I and II analyze imagery and ceremony and their relation to the verbal texts that ascribed and defined their meanings. Part III details the way texts of exploration inspired the explorers who widened Russia’s engagement with the world. Parts IV and V address key texts of intellectual history and reflect on the scholarly and methodological influences on Wortman’s approach to history.

Richard Wortman (PhD University of Chicago) is James Bryce Professor of History Emeritus at Columbia University. He has also taught at the University of Chicago, where he received his PhD, and at Princeton University. His two-volume study, Scenarios of Power: Myth and Ceremony in Russian Monarchy (1995-2000), published by Princeton University Press, is devoted to the role of imagery and representation in the exercise of monarchical power in Russia. An abridged one-volume edition, Scenarios of Power: Myth and Ceremony in Russian Monarchy, From Peter the Great to the Abdication of Nicholas II, was published in 2006.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Introduction: Texts of Representation

Part I
1. The Mythology of Empire: Imperial Russian Coronation Albums (With Edward Kasinec)
2. Ceremony and Empire in the Evolution of Russian Monarchy
3. Signs of Empire: Exotic Peoples at Imperial Russian Coronations
4. Publicizing the Imperial Image in 1913
Part II
5. Alexei Olenin, Fedor Solntsev, and the Development of a Russian National Esthetic
6. Cultural Metamorphoses of Imperial Myth under Catherine the Great and Nicholas I
7. Myth and Memory—Imperial Evocations of 1812. Alexander I and the Russian People
8. “Glas naroda” : Visual Representations of Russian Monarchy in the Era of Emancipation
9. Th e “Russian Style” in Church Architecture as Imperial Symbol aft er 1881
10. St. Petersburg the Imperial City and Peter Tchaikovsky
Part III
11. Texts of Exploration and Russia’s European Identity
12. Russian Noble Offi cers and the Ethos of Exploration
Part IV
13. Koshelev, Samarin, and Cherkasskii and the Fate of Liberal Slavophilism
14. Tolstoy and the Perception of Poverty: Tolstoy’s “What Th en Must We Do?” 
15. Property Rights, Populism, and Russian Political Culture
Part V
16. Th ought, Culture, and Power: Reflections of a Russianist
17. The Moscow-Tartu School: Review of S. Iu. Nekliudov, ed.,
Moskovsko-tartuskaia semioticheskaia shkola. Istoriia, vospominaniia,
razmyshleniia (Moscow: Shkola “Iazyki russkoi kul’tury”, 1998) 
18. Brief Recollection of Vladimir Nabokov
19. Marc Raeff : Memorial Thoughts
20. Leopold Haimson: Remembrance on the Occasion of his Memorial Service, March 25, 2011