Wheat Songs: A Greek-American Journey

Wheat Songs: A Greek-American Journey

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Perry Giuseppe Rizopoulos

Cherry Orchard Books
ISBN: 9781618117717 (hardcover) / 9781618117724 (paper)
Pages: approx. 220 pp.
Publication Date: October 2018


Wheat Songs is a memoir of two interconnected Greek-American journeys—an actual physical journey for the grandfather, Pericles Rizopoulos, and a philosophical quest by the author, Perry Giuseppe Rizopoulos. When the grandfather, Pericles Rizopoulos, a proud old man, tells his fascinating, tragic and true stories of the Nazi occupation of Greece during World War II and the following Greek Civil War, to his 20-something grandson, Perry Giuseppe Rizopoulos, Perry’s philosophical reflections on his grandfather’s stories along with his own memories of growing up in his extended Greek/Italian/American family in the Bronx combine to create an enduring story about the strength created by a strong, tightly-knit family and the powerful values passed down from generation to generation.

Perry Giuseppe Rizopoulos currently teaches Ethics at the College of Mt. Saint Vincent and Manhattan College in both the Philosophy and Education Departments.


Wheat Songs grew out of the rediscovery of an old diary by a member of the youngest generation in a family. The diary records the struggle and stamina of two brothers—the author’s grandfather and great-uncle—escaping from the Nazis in Greece during the WWII era. In Wheat Songs, the author skillfully interweaves materials from the diary and later conversations with his grandfather about these experiences. The author’s ability to listen is an example of the devotion that enables members of one generation to comprehend the stories of another. This work represents a major contribution to the Elbenwood Center for the Study of Family as Educator’s scholarship on family memories and intergenerational understanding.
— Hope Jensen Leichter, Ph.D, Elbenwood Professor and Director Elbenwood Center for the Study of The Family as Educator, Teachers College, Columbia University