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Academic Studies Press is an independent scholarly publisher devoted to advancing knowledge and understanding in the humanities and social sciences. With our outstanding, opinion-leading authors and series editors, we continuously strive to enhance understanding through our monographs and critical companions, improve the accessibility of classic works through our translations, and inspire dialogue through our  scholarly commentaries. We champion innovative ideas and new, creative interpretations.

Why Publish with ASP?


Peer Review

ASP is committed to ensuring that every manuscript we publish contributes to the knowledge of the subject and its field and comprises overall sound scholarship. Submissions are first vetted by our Series Editors and, if met with approval, are sent through rigorous peer review. Depending on the series and type of manuscript under consideration, we typically require two double-blind peer reviews. Reviewers are always well-respected scholars in the field familiar with the monograph format.  

Our Services

ASP provides services not always offered by scholarly presses, including copyediting and proofreading, indexing, and designing attractive cover art. We are happy to aid our authors in securing copyright permissions for illustrations or the republication of articles, and to assist our authors in putting together documentation to obtain research grants for their publications with us. In cases when a subvention is necessary, we work to keep these costs as low as possible.

Marketing and Distribution

ASP's Sales & Marketing team will work closely with you to determine the best marketing strategies for your book. All titles receive specialized attention to ensure visibility to the appropriate audience. Marketing  includes data distribution, conference participation, subject-specific print and email campaigns, and sales representation. 

ASP titles are distributed globally. We have close relationships with our vendors and distributors and strive to keep libraries, scholars, and the general reader well informed of our catalog offerings.

We also work closely with electronic book vendors to ensure our titles are available through popular e-platforms such as Proquest, Ebrary, EBL, EBSCO, and MyiLIbrary, among others.

See our detailed, step-by-step guides in Author Central for instructions on how to promote your books. 

Open Access

Open Access expands readership beyond the printed page and democratizes the distribution of research around the globe. ASP is pleased to offer authors the opportunity to publish their manuscript as part of our ASP Open program. Learn more about ASP Open here. 

First Books

Publication with Academic Studies Press will help advance your academic career, whether on the job market or in tenure review. Ever conscious of the unique challenges involved in revising a doctoral dissertation, we pride ourselves on our close work with junior scholars to develop their research projects into impressive monographs that contribute to and challenge critical conversations and which assert their authors’ place in the scholarly literature. 

ASP can provide in-house developmental editing of your manuscript prior to its submission for peer review. This collaborative editorial work will enhance the likelihood of receiving reviews that recommend publication, in addition to improving the quality and reception of the published book. Our peer review process includes reports from two senior colleagues, one of whom is asked to focus specifically on structural and editorial recommendations for first monographs. Our series editors are frequently lauded for their close work with and support of first-time authors, offering constructive feedback on their proposals, submissions, and revisions to guide their manuscripts toward publication.  

To learn more about our work with first-time authors, please contact the appropriate acquisitions editor. 

To Submit a Proposal

If you are interested in submitting a book proposal to ASP, please download and fill out our book proposal form as fully as possible, and email it to the appropriate Acquisitions Editor below:


Alessandra Anzani
Senior Editor
Jewish Studies, Israel Studies, Evolutionary Studies,
Ottoman and Turkish Studies, Latin American Studies

Ekaterina Yanduganova
Acquisitions Editor
Slavic, East European, and Central Asian Studies

Kseniia Tverianovich, Ph.D.
Acquisitions Editor
Contemporary Western Rusistika

Learn More / Forms & Documents

Authors and editors are responsible for clearing permissions and providing proper credit lines, as well as paying permission fees and providing complimentary copies required by copyright holders. We provide these templates for your use in recording this information; please submit them with your manuscript to the acquisitions editor.