Reimagining Jewish Ethics and Politics in Israel & the Diaspora: Ethics, Tradition, and Power

1030 Jenkins Nanovic Halls, Notre Dame, Indiana 46556

Join Mikhael Manekin, author of End of Days Ethics, Tradition, and Power in Israel for a lecture hosted by the Notre Dame University Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies.

From the event organizer:

Around the world, Jews are active in calling for safety, equal rights and dignity, and restitution for the millions of Palestinians living under apartheid conditions, facing catastrophic violence, or denied a right to return home. Mikhael Manekin, former executive director of Breaking the Silence, an Israeli veterans group and a leading voice in the Israeli Faithful Left, will present a lecture on how the Jewish ethical tradition provides grounding for the struggle for equality and peace in Israel/Palestine.

This session will focus on Manekin’s recent book, End of Days Ethics, Tradition, and Power in Israel (Academic Studies Press, 2023). Manekin will engage in a dialogue with Brant Rosen, Rabbi of Tzedek Chicago, a pivotal voice in Jewish Voice for Peace and Rabbis for Ceasefire, and a prominent U.S.-based voice for justice. Together with Atalia Omer, professor of religion, conflict and peace studies, they will discuss the Jewish ethical tradition, the occupation of Palestine, and the current moment in Israel/Palestine.

This event is the first in a two-day series that will discuss antisemitism and the struggle for justice and peace in Israel/Palestine.

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