E-book Terms of Use

About PDF E-books

PDF e-books can be purchased and downloaded for use on any e-reader, computer or tablet. Unlike Kindle (MOBI) files, PDFs retain the layout and style of the print version of the book. Our PDF e-books are watermarked and encrypted; you cannot copy/paste or print from the document.

About MOBI and EPUB E-books

MOBI and EPUB files are intended for use on Kindle and other e-readers. The text and page size and layout are customizable, so page layouts may vary and look different from the print version of the book. Before purchasing a MOBI or EPUB file, be sure you can access the file: all e-book sales are final.

Terms of Use

E-books are licensed for use to one individual. When you purchase an e-book from Academic Studies Press, you agree not to distribute it to any third party or upload it to file sharing networks.

Upon purchasing an e-book from ASP, you will receive an email with the download link. Please note: e-books are not returnable or refundable.