Contemporary Religious and Theological Studies (Russian-Language)

Contemporary Religious and Theological Studies (CRTS), a Russian-language series, is a groundbreaking collection of translated volumes presenting modern-day knowledge about religion and theology. The series features works from leading scholarly presses expertly curated and published for the first time for a global Russian-speaking audience. With a focus on interdisciplinary approaches and diverse perspectives, these books offer a rich tapestry of understandings, providing a unique window into the ever-evolving field of religion. Specific titles in the series cover literary, historic, political, sociological, anthropological, as well as many other important themes and topics.

In a region where religion often served as a source of division, CRTS aims to promote greater understanding and knowledge, neither consigning religion to the past nor using it for ideological purposes in the present. Instead, it aims to sow the seeds for a more enlightened future by offering a diverse range of perspectives and approaches to the study of religion and theology.

This series is an invaluable resource for students, scholars, and anyone interested in exploring the complex and fascinating world of religious and theological studies. It is designed for a diverse audience that includes not only readers in Russia but also the growing Russian-language diaspora worldwide.

Main Contact:

Sergey Kozin
Acquisitions Editor, Russian-Language Publications
Contemporary Religious & Theological Studies (CRTS)

Recent Acquisitions

·       Michael P. DeJonge, Bonhoeffer on Resistance: The Word Against the Wheel (Oxford UP,   2018)

·       Martin Shuster, How to Measure a World? A Philosophy of Judaism (Indiana UP, 2021)

·       Jerome Yehuda Gellman, Perfect Goodness and the God of the Jews: A Contemporary Jewish Theology (Academic Studies Press, 2021)

·       Diana Lobel, Moses and Abraham Maimonides: Encountering the Divine (Academic Studies Press, 2021)

·       Merold Westphal, In Praise of Heteronomy: Making Room for Revelation (Indiana UP, 2017)

·       Rachel M. Scott, Recasting Islamic Law: Religion and the Nation State in Egyptian Constitution Making (Cornell UP, 2021)

·       Donald Ostrowski, Europe, Byzantium, and the “Intellectual Silence” of Rus’ Culture (ARC Humanities Press, 2018)

·       Thomas A. Tweed, America’s Church: The National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and Catholic Presence in the Nation’s Capital  (Oxford UP, 2011)