Questions Jews Ask: Reconstructionist Answers

Questions Jews Ask: Reconstructionist Answers


Mordecai Kaplan

Series: Classics in Judaica
ISBN: 9781618111548 (hardcover)
Pages: 546 pp.
Publication Date: December 2011

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Mordecai Kaplan, the co-founder of the Reconstructionist movement, defines that movement for the reader in this classic volume, which can serve as a contemporary account of the beginning of the Reconstructionist movement.

Mordecai Kaplan (1881-1983) was a rabbi and philosopher whose ideology, centering around the concept of Judaism as a civilization, led him to found the Reconstructionist movement. He was a prolific writer whose other books include The Meaning of God in Modern Jewish Religion (1937), The Future of the American Jew (1948), and The Purpose and Meaning of Jewish Existence (1964).