Central Asian Literatures in Translation (Series)

Series Editor: Rebecca Ruth Gould (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London)

Editorial Board:

  • Erdağ Göknar (Duke University)
  • Jeanne-Marie Jackson (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Donald Rayfield, Professor Emeritus (Queen Mary University of London)
  • Roman Utkin (Davidson College)

This series focuses on literary texts by non-Russian peoples of the former Soviet Union, with an emphasis on Central Asia and the Caucasus, while also engaging with the literatures of cognate geographies and neighboring terrains. Rather than prioritizing regional rubrics, “Central Asian Literatures in Translation” supports the translation of underappreciated classics from across the temporal spectrum, and of new work that pushes the boundaries of contemporary literary form within a Eurasian literary context. We welcome titles that redefine what literature can be and mean in a region wherein geopolitics too frequently mutes aesthetics. Ranging across a geography known for its tendency to resist categorization, our titles make the most of the capacious relations to place, space, culture, and power that mark the literatures of Turkic and Persianate Central Asia, Georgia, Armenia, and in other indigenous languages of the Caucasus. In conceiving of literature from the point of view of the post-Soviet postcolony, this series offers a new way of studying world literature beyond imperial paradigms.