The Multicultural Challenge in Israel

The Multicultural Challenge in Israel


Edited by Avi Sagi & Ohad Nachtomy

Series: Israel: Society, Culture, and History
ISBN: 9781934843499 (hardcover) 
Pages: 360 pp.
Publication Date: November 2009

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Delving into Israel’s multifaceted society, editors Avi Sagi and Ohad Nachtomy, along with their distinguished contributors, explore the many ethnic and religious communities that comprise modern Israel and the ways in which they interact and often misunderstand each other. Detailing both the tensions between Israelis and Arab minorities, as well as issues involving recent immigrants and the different religious sects within the Jewish community at large, this collection of essays covers diverse subjects such as Holocaust education, language rights, military service, and the balancing of religious with secular systems of law. An essential read for anyone searching for a better understanding of the challenges being faced in contemporary Israel.

Avi Sagi (PhD Bar-Ilan University) is professor at Bar-Ilan University and senior research fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem. His books include `Elu va Elu`: A Study on the Meaning of Halakhic Discourse (1996); Circles of Jewish Identity (with Zvi Zohar) (2000); Jewish Religion After Theology (2009); The Multicultural Challenge in Israel (with Ohad Nachtomy) (2009); and Faith: Jewish Perspectives  (with Dov Schwartz) (2013).

Ohad Nachtomy (PhD Columbia University) specializes in 17th century philosophy, and above all Leibniz and Spinoza. He has also begun a major research project in the philosophy of modern biology, on genotype-phenotype relations.