Shoa and Experience: A Journey in Time

Shoa and Experience: A Journey in Time


Edited by Nitza Davidovitch & Dan Soen

Series: The Holocaust: History and Literature, Ethics and Philosophy
ISBN: 9781618113108 (hardcover)
Pages: 258 pp.; 8 tables; 72 illus. 
Publication Date: November 2015

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Shoa and Experience is a collection of essays offering important insights on the nature of Holocaust education with implications for Holocaust education development for future generations, in Israel and worldwide. Special attention is given to the evolving nature of contemporary multimedia society in which youth are inundated with stimuli of all kinds. Hence, consideration is given to the incorporation of multidimensional aspects of learning and experience in Holocaust education in order to enhance students' understanding on cognitive, emotional and moral levels. This book will help Holocaust educators and curriculum developers to design Holocaust education programs and attune them to the nature and the needs of the current generation. It is intended to prepare educators to initiate and lead programs and encounters designed to teach today’s youth about the Holocaust from multiple perspectives.

Contributors include: Batya Brutin, David Cassuto, Nitza Davidovitch, Ruth Dorot, Edyta Gawron, Manfred Gerstenfeld, Zvi Gil, Lily Haber, Marek Kaźmierczak, Haim Y. Knobler, Zvi Orgad, Dan Soen, Osnat Ur-Leurer, and Zvi Zemishlany

Nitza Davidovitch heads the Ariel University Center’s Unit of Academic Assessment and Development, heads The Israeli Consortium of Faculty Development Centers, and has been intensely involved in Holocaust memorial projects for many years.

Dan Soen has been teaching in higher education institutions in Israel, New Zealand, and South Africa since 1961, has published over 125 articles in scientific journals, and has edited and contributed to over 30 books on topics related to sociology, behavioral sciences, and more recently, Holocaust memory and education.

Together, Professor Davidovitch and Professor Soen have led numerous international delegations to Holocaust sites in Europe, and have initiated many student exchange programs and meetings designed to involve the younger generation in a productive dialogue on the Holocaust and its implications. They recently collaborated in editing and publishing The Ethos of the Holocaust in the 21st Century, a multi-author volume on the cognitive, emotional, and moral aspects of youth trips to Holocaust sites in Poland.