Maimonides As Biblical Interpreter

Maimonides As Biblical Interpreter


Sara Klein-Braslavy

Series: Emunot: Jewish Philosophy and Kabbalah
ISBN: 9781936235285 (hardcover)
Pages: 306 pp.
Publication Date: July 2011

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Although Maimonides did not write a running commentary on any book of the Bible, biblical exegesis occupies a central place in his writings, particularly in his Guide of the Perplexed. In this book, Sara Klein-Braslavy offers a collection of essays on several key biblical interpretations by Maimonides dealing with the creation of the world; the story of the Garden of Eden; Jacob’s dream of the ladder; King Solomon as an esoterist philosopher; and the problem of exoteric and esoteric biblical interpretations in the Guide. Special attention is paid to Maimonides’ methods of interpretation and to his esoteric way of writing. Some of the articles in this volume were originally published in Hebrew, and appear here for the first time in English.

Sara Klein-Braslavy (PhD Universite de Paris IV)  is a professor of Jewish philosophy at Tel-Aviv University. She is the author of three Hebrew books on Maimonides: Maimonides' Interpretation of the Story of Creation; Maimonides' Interpretation of the Adam Stories in Genesis - A Study in Maimonides' Anthropology; and King Solomon and Philosophical Esotericism in the Thought of Maimonides.  She has also written numerous articles on Jewish medieval philosophy.

Sara Klein-Braslavy is one of our generation’s pre-eminent interpreters of Maimonides. This volume makes available to the English reader a selection of her pioneering studies on Maimonides as interpreter of the Bible and on his art of writing. Professor Klein-Braslavy’s important work is thus made available to a much wider audience and makes a substantial contribution to the reader’s understanding of this crucial figure.
— Menachem Kellner, University of Haifa