Book of the Week: “Writing Palestine 1933-1950” by Dorothy Kahn Bar-Adon

All summer long, we’re choosing a different book from our extensive backlist to highlight. As an added feature, we’re offering the book at three different price points.

You, the reader, will have the opportunity to purchase the book at a price that works for you. This week we’re featuring Writing Palestine 1933-1950 by Dorothy Kahn Bar-Adon, edited by Esther Carmel-Hakim & Nancy Rosenfeld. The book is currently available for purchase at $15.00, $20.00, and $32. Choose the price you think is fair and fits your budget!

From her immigration to Mandatory Palestine in 1933 until her death in 1950 American-born Dorothy Kahn Bar-Adon worked as a reporter for The Palestine Post (later The Jerusalem Post), while freelancing for periodicals in Palestine and abroad. Bar-Adon covered life in towns, kibbutzim and Arab communities of Mandatory Palestine during this period of World War, armed conflict between Arabs and Jews, immigration to Israel of Holocaust survivors. Close to 60 years after her death, this edited collection of Bar-Adon’s writing offers a vivid view both of daily life in the Jewish and Arab communities of pre-State Israel, and of the burning issues of the day.

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Writing Palestine 1933-1950 | Reviews by Amos Lassen

Writing Palestine 1933-1950 | Reviews by Amos Lassen