Book of the Week: “Shoah through Muslim Eyes” by Mehnaz Afridi

All summer long, we’re choosing a different book from our extensive backlist to highlight. As an added feature, we’re offering the book at three different price points.

You, the reader, will have the opportunity to purchase the book at a price that works for you. This week we’re featuring Shoah through Muslim Eyes by Mehnaz Afridi. The book is currently available for purchase at $12.00, $20.00, and $29.00. Choose the price you think is fair and fits your budget!

In Shoah through Muslim Eyes, the author discusses her journey with Judaism as a Muslim. Her book is based on the struggle of antisemitism within Muslim communities and her interviews with survivors. Rejecting polemical myths about the Holocaust and Jews, Afridi offers a new way of creating understanding of two communities through the acceptance and enormity of the Shoah. Her journey is both personal and academic in which the reader can find nuances of her belief in Islam, principles of justice, and the loneliness of such a journey. The chapters discuss the Holocaust and how it is unprecedented, interviews with survivors, antisemitism and Islamophobia, and Islam and memory. Afridi includes Muslim-Arab narratives that enhance the reach of the Holocaust into Muslim lands under the Vichy and Nazi government.

Keep an eye out all summer for more backlist titles you may have missed!


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At Length&nbsp;with Mehnaz Afridi | At Length, Podcast of the University of Washington Alumni Association

At Length with Mehnaz Afridi | At Length, Podcast of the University of Washington Alumni Association

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