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An Interview with Luba Jurgenson and Meredith Sopher, Author and Translator of Where There Is Danger

In Where There Is Danger (originally published Au lieu du péril, Verdier, 2014), Jurgenson meditates on what it means to live between two languages—in this case, her native Russian and adopted French. Earlier this month, we released a Fall 2019 Literature in Translation Sampler featuring an excerpt from Where There Is Danger (download it here). Today we bring you an interview with Luba Jurgenson and Meredith Sopher exploring the ins and outs of bilingualism, the process of translating the book, and more!

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National Translation Month 2019: Featured Literature in Translation from Azerbaijan, France, Russia, and Uzbekistan

Happy National Translation Month! We’re celebrating all month on the blog—earlier this week, we published a guest post from translator Christopher Fort on the legacy of Uzbek writer Abdulhamid Sulaymon o’g’li Cho’lpon and his unfinished dilogy Night and Day.

Today, we’ve put together a sampler full of excerpts from four novels, a memoir, a book of essays, and a collection of short stories, translated from Russian, French, and Uzbek.

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Uzbek author Cho’lpon’s Equivocal Legacy and Its Importance in Post-Soviet Uzbekistan

Stalinism undoubtedly robbed the Uzbek people and the world of an incredible talent at a young age—Cho’lpon was most likely 41 when Stalin’s secret police, the NKVD, took his life—but it is because of Stalinism and Cho’lpon’s erasure from Soviet Uzbek life that the author is so interesting and enigmatic a figure today. The absence of information about his life and his oeuvre echoes across history and continues to affect how Uzbek audiences relate to the author. This absence provides opportunities for individuals to offer differentiated and heterogenous interpretations of the author’s biography, his art, and consequently, Uzbekistan’s past, present, and future.

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