An Interview with Vera Schwarcz, Author of In the Crook of the Rock

Our newest author interview is with Vera Schwarcz, author of In the Crook of the Rock: Jewish Refuge in a World Gone Mad — The Chaya Leah Walkin Story

Focusing upon the life of Chaya Walkin—one little girl from a distinguished Torah lineage in Poland—this book illustrates the inner resources of the refugee community that made possible survival with dignity. Based on a wide variety of sources and languages, this book is crafted around the voice of a child who was five years old when she was forced to flee her home in Poland and start the terrifying journey to Vilna, Kobe, and Shanghai. The Song of Songs is used to provide an unexpected and poetic angle of vision upon strategies for creating meaning in times of historical trauma.

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An Interview with Sean Martin, Editor and Translator of For the Good of the Nation

We recently spoke with Sean Martin about his book For the Good of the Nation: Institutions for Jewish Children in Interwar Polanda collection of documents on CENTOS, the Central Union of Associations for Jewish Orphan Care. CENTOS saught to provide care for the tens of thousands of Jewish children orphaned during World War I and in the subsequent years of conflict. Read on for more information from editor and translator Sean Martin.

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An Interview with Mark Andryczyk, Editor of The White Chalk of Days

Academic Studies Press is delighted to present this interview—our first in a series—with Mark Andryczyk, editor of The White Chalk of Days: The Contemporary Ukrainian Literature Series Anthology

The White Chalk of Days presents translations of literary works by Ukrainian authors that imaginatively engage pivotal issues in today’s Ukraine and express its tribulations and jubilations. Featuring poetry, fiction, and essays by fifteen Ukrainian writers, the anthology offers English-language readers a wide array of the most beguiling literature written in Ukraine in the past fifty years.

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