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Alessandra Anzani
Editorial Director
Jewish Studies, Evolutionary Studies,
Ottoman and Turkish Studies, Central Asian Studies


Daniel Frese
Acquisitions Editor, Slavic Studies


Mariia Shuvalova
Acquisitions Editor, Ukrainian-Language Publications


Valentina Kucheryavenko
Lead Acquisitions Editor, Russian-Language Publications
Contemporary European Studies (CES)
Contemporary American Studies (CAS)


Rina Borisova
Acquisitions Editor, Russian-Language Publications
Contemporary Western Rusistika (CWR)
Global Environmental Studies & Global Health (GE & GH)
Global Literatures (GL)


Ekaterina Yanduganova
Acquisitions Editor, Russian-Language Publications
Contemporary Eastern Studies (CEastS)
Contemporary Jewish Studies (CJS)

Sergey Kozin
Acquisitions Editor, Russian-Language Publications
Contemporary Religious & Theological Studies (CRTS)

Anastasia Khodyreva
Acquisitions Editor, Russian-Language Publications
Global History (GH)
Contemporary Sociological Studies (CSS)

Award-Winning Jewish Studies Titles


Hélène Jawhara Piñer

After the Holocaust

Monty Noam Penkower

A Philosophy of Havruta

Elie Holzer, Orit Kent

New & Notable in Jewish History & Culture

Poles and Jews

Jennifer Stark-Blumenthal

Polish Jewish Re-Remembering

Sławomir Jacek Żurek, Tomas F. Anessi

Jewish Culture and Creativity

Eitan P. Fishbane, Elisha Russ-Fishbane

I Came Home and There Was No One There

Hanka Grupińska, Jessica Taylor-Kucia

The Population History of German Jewry 1815–1939

Steven Mark Lowenstein, David N. Myers, Michael Berenbaum

Patriots without a Homeland

Jehuda Hartman, Shaul Vardi

Jews, Food, and Spain

Hélène Jawhara Piñer, Paul Freedman

New & Notable in Jewish Thought & Intellectual History

Faith and Trust

Diana Lobel

Emet le-Ya‘akov

Zev Eleff, Shaul Seidler-Feller

Shaping the Jewish Enlightenment

Zuzanna Krzemień, Noëmie Duhaut, Wojciech Tworek, Monika Biesaga

R. Saadia Gaon

Eliezer Schlossberg

Siddur Hatefillah

Eliezer Schweid, Gershon Greenberg, Gershon Greenberg


Alon Goshen-Gottstein

The People, the Torah, the God

Jerome (Yehuda) Gellman

“The Soul Seeks Its Melodies”

Dov Schwartz, Batya Stein

New & Notable in Israel Studies

Being a Nation State in the Twenty-First Century

Shuki Friedman, Jusice Elyaḳim Rubinshṭain

A Man of Success in the Land of Success

Łukasz Tomasz Sroka, Katarzyna Rogalska-Chodecka, Aleksander B. Skotnicki

New & Notable in Antisemitism Studies

New & Notable in Jewish Literary Studies

New & Notable in Memoir & General Interest

Traces of Memory

Sandra Alfers, Cornelius Partsch

My Kaddish

Thérèse (Terri) Masson, Simone Masson


Nora Gold


Ita Dimant, Martin Dean, Teresa Pollin, Jacob Dimant

Zev's Los Angeles

Zev Yaroslavsky, Josh Getlin

Immigrant Baggage

Maxim D. Shrayer

Under a Bloodred Sky

Avigdor Hameiri, Peter C. Appelbaum, Dan Hecht

The Twin Children of the Holocaust

Nancy L. Segal, David G. Marwell

An Amateur Performance

Lev Levanda, Hugh McLean, Brian Horowitz, Conor Daly, William Craft Brumfield

These Hard Times

Anne Groschler, Hartmut Peters, Alexandra Berlina

This Was Not America

Elżbieta Janicka, Michael Steinlauf

New & Notable from Touro University Press

Ha-Tov v’ha-Meitiv: Contemporary Scholarship in Jewish Studies

Simcha Fishbane, Eric M. Levine, Yosef Dov Robinson

The Shochet

Pinkhes-Dov Goldenshteyn, Michoel Rotenfeld


Monty Noam Penkower

Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism

ISSN: 2472-9914 | eISSN: 2472-9906

The Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism (JCA) is the leading scholarly publication in the field. It carries original academic research papers of the highest quality: quantitative and qualitative work that pushes boundaries in terms of methodology, in terms of theoretical sophistication, in terms of the questions that are addressed and in terms of the potential for impact that the research demonstrates. It is comfortable with interdisciplinary work that relates to historical, empirical, legal, literary and critical theory traditions. It also values work that is situated within specific disciplines and that relates to the existing concepts and frameworks of those disciplines.

The journal is meticulous in following best academic practice in relation to editorial policy and double blind peer review procedures. But this is more than simply a formal adherence to academic rules and norms. The journal works to realize the values of research, of scholarship, of science and of philosophy in a highly contested and controversial field. The editors, the editorial board and the wider community of peer review is deep and diverse yet it is still conscious of a broad consensus of understanding of the boundaries of anti-antisemitism thinking and practice. The journal is not a space for debates between antisemites and scholars of antisemitism, it is a space for the scholarly, scientific and theoretical analysis of antisemitism from an anti-antisemitism point of view.

Latin American Jewish Studies

ISSN: 2644-0598 | eISSN: 2644-061X

Latin American Jewish Studies is the interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal of the Latin American Jewish Studies Association (LAJSA). The journal publishes original scholarship on Jews, Jewishness, and Judaism within the context of Latin America and the Caribbean from the perspective of a broad array of disciplines in the arts, humanities, history, social sciences, and communications. Its mission is to advance the scholarly study of the Jewish experience and presence throughout the Américas through a variety of methodologies and theoretical and conceptual approaches. Latin American Jewish Studies invites contributions from all scholars working in the broadly defined, multidisciplinary field of Latin American Jewish Studies. Submissions are accepted in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. All articles will undergo a rigorous, double-blind peer-review process. The journal also publishes book reviews on recent scholarship in the field.

Contemporary Jewish Studies in the Russian Language

In Her Hands

Eliyana R. Adler, Aleksandra Glebovskaya

Let My People Grow

Yossie Goldman, Aleksandra Glebovskaya

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